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"Oh, You're only a nurse" the woman said as she walked out of the patient's room.
"Yes", I said. " I'm only the nurse that will help your father survive his heart attack, or your mother her stroke.
I'm only the nurse that held your loved one's hand as they were dying.
I'm only the nurse that will be home 3 hours late to my own family because I am caring for yours.
I'm only the nurse who will be eating with my family and get called to an emergency case in the O.R to take care of you.
I'm only the nurse that will keep your loved one alive while they undergo surgery.
I'm only the nurse who's job it is to not only take care of your loved one, but also take care of your family members so well that they think they are at the Hilton.
I am only the nurse that answers your call light five times in an hour and attends to your needs with a smile, when I have ten other patients who need my help too.
I am only the nurse who stops at the scene of an accident to render help to strangers.
I'm only the nurse that monitors your vital signs and tells the doctor what you need and when.
So, before you tell me I am only a nurse again, think twice...I may save your life one day, but I'm only a nurse?"
M Raines

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(Deleted comment)
the story 'Swap Out' by Goldnox took a medical turn. Of course, I commented as a medical person would. It's kind of a conditioned response, like Pavlov's dogs if you will. Anyway, one of her reviewers said 'I pester her with my long reviews just because I'm a GD nurse and know this sh*t and that sh*t'
Anyway, that really lit my fuse!! This was kind of a reaction to that...
Thank you Kate. I did have an ice Thanksgiving and am exhausted after black Friday shopping with my daughters and sons today.. whew! Thank you also for the kind words.
Love you lots and big hugs, Carol Oh, and have a lovely weekend.

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